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A celebratory gesture in which the participants slam drinks into each other's resulting in ample spillage and/or breaking of drink container. An extreme use of the customary normal "cheers."
I skipped showering last night because I knew the super cheers was going to happen.
by Doomedforlife December 19, 2011
When witnessing a rock show, a band might play multiple songs fast and consecutively where the audience has no time to applaud. In order for a crowd to express their delight to all the songs, a "super cheer" is needed.

one song- normal audience cheer
two songs- twice as much cheer
three songs or more songs- super cheer
"I'm going to give these guys the biggest super cheer they've ever heard once they are done playing this round of songs"
by wowokayyes May 23, 2014

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