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Choirs line from the Gorillaz Song "Clint Eastwood"

Unlike the rest of the junkies here. The actual meaning is a "Large bag of gold" The reference "sunshine in a bag" is a quote from a Clint Eastwood(hence the name of the song) movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Also one of the songs in the movie was reproduced and serves as the back-beat to the Gorillaz verison
Kid: Hey Mister where ya heading?
Clint: Don't know
Kid: You gonna be alright
Clint: Yeah Kid, I got sunshine in a bag.
by Silver Owl June 08, 2011
A positive reference to drug possession, particularly Marijuana. This comes from the concept of plants storing sunshine by converting it into chlorophyll. Thus when you are carrying a sack of Marijuana, you have 'Sunshine in a Bag.' It may also be related to the uplifting effects of Marijuana.
Gorillaz Lyrics: "I've got sunshine in a bag, I'm useless but not for long."
by Peacespeak September 30, 2007
The paraplegic sex act when one pisses in the colostomy bag of another. The handicapped equivalent of a golden shower.
Peter: Hey Joe, I heard you took home that new handicap chick from work.
Joe: Yeah, but it didn't work out. She wanted me to give her sunshine in a bag. Too kinky.
by forever_onesome December 25, 2013
any bag of an illegal substance that makes you a little bit more than happy ;] usually marijuana
the other day i met up with this dude and i got me some sunshine in a bag. and then the party was on!
by Gemma Skankk October 13, 2007
The feeling of accomplishment, the feeling that you finally have something of your own, when you keep the feeling bottled up until you think it may explode, in a bag.
I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad, I got sunshine, in a bag, I'm useless, but not for long, the future is comming on.
by Oktam July 31, 2005
Drugs found in little baggies. Comming from the new found idea to have designs on little drug baggies.
I'm happy I ain't sad I got my SunShine in a Bad.
by Tea Baby April 26, 2005
sunshine in a bag refers to having a sack of ish,shit, and or get the idea

from that one song by the know..its called clint eastwood ..sunshine in a bag
by fullerton ish monster April 12, 2009
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