A young, vibrant, (delightful), perfect, gorgeous girl, who's name is frequently confused for the continually promoted beverage.
I feel like some Sunny D... the girl, not the beverage.
Sunny D really is delightful.
by justforkiks March 21, 2008
A nickname given to someone who is in their friend's car and takes a piss in a sunny d bottle.
Person 1:I have to pee!

Person 2: Pee in that sunny d bottle.

Person 1: ok (takes piss)

Person 2: Dude I can't believe you just did that. Imma call you Sunny D now.
by RyCe EaTaH October 02, 2008
To smoke weed, usually from a home-made bong.
Albert and his friends got fucked up after going to the playground to sunny d.
by smuutyb September 15, 2008
A dick covered in zits
"I had sex with someone but they had a sunny D"
by калика August 19, 2016
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