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Sex kitten. Sunniva is an old Irish name which originaly means "gift from the sun". It was adopted by the norwegians after St.Sunniva came to Norway. In modern times however a person named Sunniva is often associated with a feminine, sexual and curvaceous woman. Sunniva can also be defined as someone who has a lot of sexual knowledge.
First Person:"Wow, look at that beautiful, curvaceous woman!"
Second Person:"Yes, she's a real Sunniva, huh?"
by ElOElA July 23, 2009

the most amazing girl ever, she is my sunshine.

she makes me laugh and is generally just amazing. she's funny, pretty, so nice, kind, genuine and really just plain awesome.

your lucky if your able to be her friend and NEVER let her go

She's is my bestie and i'll love her forever
person 1: have you seen that girl there, shes stunning

person 2: its sunniva of course shes stunning
by ellie_lou September 23, 2011
A girl who sleeps with (or at least tries to sleep with) a guy her bff is not quite over yet.
She slept with the wrong guy, so she just became a real Sunniva.
by NTonks April 18, 2011
A mixture between a ho and a tease. A female who dresses and acts like a ho but never finishes the business. May also be a refranse to a Ludder
Wow did you see that ho?
Nah, I know the girl. Shes just a Sunniva.
by The kebabmeister April 04, 2010
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