A very cute member of Super Junior.
"OMG, that's Lee Sungmin, my bias!"
by I am a Vitamin May 03, 2013
A common boys' name in Korea. Unique name for girls. Most time, Sungmins are smart, studious students; dilligent and charismatic at the same time... although occasionally they can be badass ;)
1: Sungmin won the math competition again!
2: Gah.
by xboobee January 29, 2009
is a huge fatass.
"Sung Bitch" also another meaning for sung min.
ps. he's a bitch.
Yeah read that Sung Bitch! hahahahahaha sungmin, sungmin!
This is a joke please laugh!
by aznxflamexboiz March 19, 2008

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