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Sell cheaper than ones competition. Doing anything to benefit yourself while not caring about others feelings or opinions.
Stealing an idea from a classmate. Stealing a girl from another bro. "Bro, you totally copied my paper. You fucking sundercutted my idea!"
by Sbros '11 December 01, 2011
1. Getting the job done, quick and easy, no matter what the obstacle.

Permits!? Don't need them
Labor Unions!? Who needs them?
Nosey Neighbors!? We will take care of that

2. Doing the job cheaper, better, quicker than the competition.

3. Going under someone to get something you want, be it a girl, drink, job, you name it.
I am paying this landscaping company all this money next week to do some yard work. "Don't worry mame, I'll Sundercut it for you and have it done tomorrow!"

I wish I could take that tree down, but the EPA will not let me.
"Don't worry Sir, I'll Sundercut it for you. No one will ever know it was gone."
by Sbro December 02, 2011

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