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The official snack of the Gods.
Mr. Potato Head: "Yo, don't tell anyone dis but Sun Chips are so much more bangin' than normal potato chips."
by BrianWallenstein November 30, 2007
The code word used when spotting, having a frightening encounter with, or when you need to be saved from an extremely creepy person. These people usually are aspiring to be a body builder and live by the phrase, "GTL."
I was walking to class today and I heard Beka scream SUNCHIPS!!! I hid in the nearest classroom, full of people in the middle of class... It was totally worth it.
by Repel the Mikes January 12, 2011
Noun; A person who is corny. A person who acts funny but it isn't funny.
Whatup Dennis, why are you being sunchips?
by DennisKilla November 21, 2003
A popular brand of semi-rippled, multigrain chips produced by Frito-Lay. It really really sucks because it has no flavor because it has whole grains instead of 10g of fat per chip.
Rumor has it that sunchips are baked on the sun.
by Charles Duracraft June 19, 2006
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