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3 definitions by BrianWallenstein

The official snack of the Gods.
Mr. Potato Head: "Yo, don't tell anyone dis but Sun Chips are so much more bangin' than normal potato chips."
by BrianWallenstein November 30, 2007
A lyrical genius who wrote and sang the hit song, "We're Brothers Forever" on the eighth season of American Idol.
Simon: "Renaldo, what was that called?"
Renaldo Lapuz: "The title? We're Brothers Forever."
Simon: "I have a horrible feeling that's going to be a hit record."
by BrianWallenstein January 26, 2008
The long ass game that nobody knows the answers to, yet everyone plays during the holidays.
"Well, that was quite the delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Anyone up for some Trivial Pursuit?"

{akward silence while guests pretend not to be pissed}


{7 hours of lost life ensues}
by BrianWallenstein April 04, 2008