Shut Up Now

If someone says something indicating the conversation is going somewhere you don't wanna go to in public, say s.u.n to keep them from going further
Him on her FB wall: Maybe we could hook up this weekend?

Her: S.U.N
by coug-R December 20, 2009
A gamer's worst nightmare
Guy 1: Dude i hate the sun

Guy 2: Why? We would literally die without it.

Guy 1: I know, but i can't see my CSGO properly and my mom makes me keep the blinds open

Guy 2: We're not friends anymore
by fufck September 30, 2015
a grossly incandescent star that must be praised.
Solaire: "Praise the sun!"
by SoGrosslyIncandescent February 18, 2014
Nickname for a leader who is also a Narcissist. Because the leader shines so brightly, people are blinded to his or her Narcissism.
The Narcissist treats people any way he wants, because he shines so bright. And his loyal followers continue to worship him or her, because he or she is knowledgeable or gifted in other areas.
((Truth telling) Member 1) : Did you know the pastor just fired one of his best friends from the staff last week and then lied to the congregation?

((Blind) Member 2) : Don't dare speak the truth about our pastor and his personnel decisions! He preaches good sermons. He is so beautiful. Never question him.

((Truth telling) Member 1) : You're blinded by the SUN. The SUN is repulsive.
by DiotrephesLover December 06, 2012
S.U.N. is the acronym for (Session Up Nigga)

-it is a term used when you want to have a smoking session but don't want to say what you are doing. instead one can just use the term S.U.N
Bob was at work and wanted to catch George a Buzz but didn't want his boss to know so he looked at george and with a smile said S.U.N. (session up nigga) before walking to his car.
by Bobgogogadgetfootupanass August 22, 2013
The Sun is an old urban legend.
It is said that every twenty thousand years a leprechaun called Rupert pisses in God's face.
After this act of heroism Rupert brings down to Earth a mythical glowing orb which leaves humans (expecially the dwellers of Huddersfield) speachless.
This ball of divinity is said to have magical powers that deny skywater its reign of terror and finally allow a decent fucking skate!
There can be no example for this miraculous feat as it leaves us all speachless but apparantly i have to use the word 'sun'.
by skate_maniac August 27, 2008
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