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1. Slang term for a caucasian penis.

2. The opposite of a coal sausage.
Suzy used to like summer sausage, but after she had tasted the coal sausage, she never went back.
by jamezx667 February 09, 2009
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referring to male genitalia when he has tanned in the nude.
oh my god, did you see Rick? He must have been on a nude beach cuz he has such a summer sausage
by jefferscene April 20, 2010
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A term used for a mans shorts that are cut too short, usually hugging the groin area tightly. May notice penial peakage on observation.
She contemplated asking him out, until he got up from the table and she noticed his summer sausage. She quickly ran away and was hit by a car.
by LBT/Antimosity November 16, 2003
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