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1. the most amazing person you will ever meet in your life. She is extremely eccentric, intelligent, beautiful, creative, talented, seductive, intuitive, funny, and horny (but not a nympho). Probably a dirty hippy/hippy pagan, but what else would you expect with a name like that. Hates yuppies with a fiery passion. Goddess of the Saxophone et le francais. If you're not friends with her, your life probably sucks, because when you're with her, it's Summer Thyme all the time.

2. a euphemism for sex
How was your day, man?

Totally mad rad, dude, I met this awesome girl named Summer Thyme!

Oh yeah, that crazy hippy. She's cool.

hey, Charles, you gettin' your Summer Thyme?

She wishes!

It's Summer Thyme all the time, bitches.
by scrippy_deebs.sax October 19, 2009
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