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When School ends (Usually Between May 15th - June 5th), Students from Kindergarden through College have at least 3 months off of fucking cunt licking school to chill with friends and do whatever the fuck they want.
Mike: Aye man, we got fucking 3 months of summer break starting right now!

John: Fuck yeah nigga. Lets chill with some ladies.
by SchoolBlowsCunt May 31, 2009
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A time when kids are outta school and are bored. A common activity is smoking, and unfortunately getting arrested.
Im out of schoool! YAY Summer Break!
by Putz11 June 19, 2008
when school is out and everyone is having fun for about the first month until:
1.parents force job searching
2.all video game levels have been beaten
3.all your friends leave for summer vacation so by the time one comes back another leaves and no one can actually get together.
4.or when you do get together no one knows what to do because all enthusiasm has been drained
5.if you don't have a car you are forced to stay at home or endure a treachorous journey in a 50000 degree over grown oven.
6.the lack of doing pretty much nothing at all resorts to extreme exagerrations on what really went on during the summer when you go back to school.
but it also can have its benefits... can decide to change and don't have to worry about nagging. can wear whatever you dress codes!!! :)
3.sleep whenever you want have a lot of "free time" which can be good
Teacher: "Now what are some of the exciting things that went on during your summer break?"
Student: "Well... uh... I got a job...working at Warped Tour and a plane flew over dropping all kinds of money down on us."
Class: *looks amazed*
*well substitute plane for boss, money for orders and pointless busy work, and Warped Tour for the local supermarket and everything I just said was true.*

by desiree1990 June 30, 2007

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