Someone who is beautiful, but thinks low of herself. She has beautiful eyes, and everything. Every guy wants her, but she likes a variety of guys so she goes out with many. Usually a girl that changes her hair color alot, but not fake. She's very pretty and doesn't like fake people.
Did you see that chick?
Yeah, she's Summar.
Damn! She is so hot!
by tittylover234 January 14, 2012
Top Definition
A perfect Scene-ster.
and will be turning heads for the rest of her life<3
"Dammnnn did you see that Summar girl? she is looking fionneeee"
by summarslover July 04, 2009
A crazy bitch slut that's from the Phillipines.
She's a bitch, but Celeste's best friend.

The only words a Summar knows how to say are:

"Summar, do. you. know. how. to. say. Suh-leste?"

by Ceblestayyye May 21, 2009
Some one who is fake and fat with love handles
If you don't want to be like summar then you should work out every day.
by Mohammad S Khan March 19, 2004
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