A small town located in Missouri where girls sleep with faculty members to keep from having their scholarships taken away due to receiving MIPs. Also, if you don't play a sport, drive a tractor, or tan excessively, you probably won't be accepted. That's probably why more than half of the population has joined in on the craft of making and selling methamphetamine. Thank you, outcasts, for making our county the largest meth producing county in the US!
I'm tan and like giving head while driving a tractor, I think I'll fit in just fine in Sullivan.
by Sperm Donor 586932 July 12, 2009
A breakfast sandwich. 1 egg (fried or scrambled), bacon, sausage links, american cheese, 1 cheeseburger, salt, pepper, ketchup, and hot sauce on a roll.
I was tailgating at a Giant's game and to my right a group was making burgers, to my left a group was making egg sandwiches...I thought "Why not make a Sullivan?"
by Sullee February 04, 2010
sullivan is the moment a person gets anuled or when a penis enter an asshole.
this stranger sullivan-ed me yesterday and it felt so good.
by 1995s March 25, 2009
The Master Chief of the Shocker, Spocker, and the show Stopper.

Likely very short for his age, though has enough to please every girl he meets.

Will say that he'll bring a towel for when he pulls out, but really wont.

Is bizzarely attracted to girls with saggy tits.
Sullivan: I brought the PB. ON YOUR KNEES NOW!

Saggy Tits: You got the towel?

Sullivan: Of course Bitch, now TOSS MY SALAD.
by White Turtle August 02, 2009
A place in the middle of the cornfields with the only two working stop lights in the whole county.
Yeah, I lived in Sullivan, a freakin' hole in the wall town.
by cornfieldluvin July 10, 2008
term for a man who thinks he's a model but he's actually so unattractive that he will never be successful
omg do you know that kid michael? he's SUCH a sullivan.
by Fraudulent November 19, 2007
(verb and/or noun) :: the act of freaking out to the most littlest details - accompanied with a tweak in the whole face and body, pointing and viscously shaking the finger, and shrugging the shoulders whilst simultaneously exclaiming "oi!" - especially after just having asked to "define" something or stated something annoying of the sorts.

*Disclaimer :: not recommended to drink or blaze with someone who pulls a sullivan.
Guy1 :: ay sullivan, its your turn for a drunken hook-up!

The Sullivan :: (air quoting) define "drunken hook-up" - accompanied by the acts stated above.

Chick1 :: dude whyy the fuuucckkkkkkk would you ask that aldsuscoivalksndflakwerhjoicuf angry angry yer such an annoying little bottomhead sully!!!!!!
by natatatatatatat April 19, 2009

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