Sullivan – n. A person who is an outsider to a group but who also thinks they are superior to the group, spends all their time dissing and hating the group, whilst also wanting to be part of the group and hanging around them at every opportunity.

Sullivan - n. A bad stench or unwanted thing that lingers around.

Sullivan - n. An unsightly mess

Sullivan - adv. To vandalize something with fecal matter.
We had a great time Saturday night, even tho John has become a Sullivan of late.

You stepped in a Sullivan, look at your shoe.

Hang on guys, I have the trots, got to go take a Sullivan.

Hey kids, look! That monkey just Sullivaned the zoo keeper.
by GGEden October 21, 2011
A breakfast sandwich. 1 egg (fried or scrambled), bacon, sausage links, american cheese, 1 cheeseburger, salt, pepper, ketchup, and hot sauce on a roll.
I was tailgating at a Giant's game and to my right a group was making burgers, to my left a group was making egg sandwiches...I thought "Why not make a Sullivan?"
by Sullee February 04, 2010
sullivan is the moment a person gets anuled or when a penis enter an asshole.
this stranger sullivan-ed me yesterday and it felt so good.
by 1995s March 25, 2009
The Master Chief of the Shocker, Spocker, and the show Stopper.

Likely very short for his age, though has enough to please every girl he meets.

Will say that he'll bring a towel for when he pulls out, but really wont.

Is bizzarely attracted to girls with saggy tits.
Sullivan: I brought the PB. ON YOUR KNEES NOW!

Saggy Tits: You got the towel?

Sullivan: Of course Bitch, now TOSS MY SALAD.
by White Turtle August 02, 2009
A place in the middle of the cornfields with the only two working stop lights in the whole county.
Yeah, I lived in Sullivan, a freakin' hole in the wall town.
by cornfieldluvin July 10, 2008
The Sullivan is when someone gets so drunk, high or both, that they simultaneously vomit and shit, at the same time. usually, both the throw-up and poop is not contained, and gets all over the floor and walls. Found commonly amongst drunk people who are lactose intolerant, but still consume dairy product.
Yo, that bitch was so drunk she Sullivaned all over the bathroom!


Dude, I'm so drunk I think I'm gonna Sullivan, right here, right now.
by a motha licka February 03, 2008
term for a man who thinks he's a model but he's actually so unattractive that he will never be successful
omg do you know that kid michael? he's SUCH a sullivan.
by Fraudulent November 19, 2007
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