Sullivan – n. A person who is an outsider to a group but who also thinks they are superior to the group, spends all their time dissing and hating the group, whilst also wanting to be part of the group and hanging around them at every opportunity.

Sullivan - n. A bad stench or unwanted thing that lingers around.

Sullivan - n. An unsightly mess

Sullivan - adv. To vandalize something with fecal matter.
We had a great time Saturday night, even tho John has become a Sullivan of late.

You stepped in a Sullivan, look at your shoe.

Hang on guys, I have the trots, got to go take a Sullivan.

Hey kids, look! That monkey just Sullivaned the zoo keeper.
by GGEden October 21, 2011
Top Definition
The act of making a female ejaculate from her vagina.
Also, discrete way for talking about female orgasms near inappropriate audiences.
"Hey Raves, Mary Jane still doesn't know I told you about that time I made her sullivan."

"He's so cute he makes me want to sullivan."
by 411NERD October 03, 2010
A name for the kind of guy that is awesome in every single way possible. Not even joking. He's the kind of person you just want to hang around with and simply do everything with. Mostly because he's sexy as hell and talks like some kind of college graduate.Also super-smart and is friggin hilarious too. He has so much swag that when he walks down the street, people would throw their cash and exclaim "Dayum he good". He will always be everyone's coolest friend for the rest of eternity.
Whoa did you see Sullivan back there? Dayum he good.
by Mr grinch June 22, 2014
A boy who has the most adorable dimples in the world. When he smiles, you can't help but smile back
Oh my Goodness, did you just see that guy smile?? He is totally a Sullivan.
by :)Someone November 12, 2009
The act of falsely inviting, including, offering, or in general gifting someone when you know that he or she cannot accept the invitation or offer.
Let's do a Sullivan on Bob and offer him a ticket to the Super Bowl when we know darn well that he is in England all that week.
by DrMarty January 11, 2015
The academic version of a Mulligan, where a student later retakes a class that they had previously dropped or flunked due to poor time management.
"Materials Exploration was sucking up so much of my time that I decided to do a Sullivan and take it next year."
by TheMightyKaytor December 15, 2011
A place where the grass is green, and the people are friendly. If you treat people with respect in this town, you will fit in just fine. There is corrupt stuff that goes on in this town, just like any other, on God's green earth. You don't have to drive a tractor, tan, or play a sport to fit in. We have facilities designed for performing arts, recreational skating, computer fanatics, video gamers, many worship centers of different followings, and much more. Come visit Sullivan Missouri and see what it's really about.
Sullivan is a very beautiful town.
by VisitSullivan September 08, 2011
A small town located in Missouri where girls sleep with faculty members to keep from having their scholarships taken away due to receiving MIPs. Also, if you don't play a sport, drive a tractor, or tan excessively, you probably won't be accepted. That's probably why more than half of the population has joined in on the craft of making and selling methamphetamine. Thank you, outcasts, for making our county the largest meth producing county in the US!
I'm tan and like giving head while driving a tractor, I think I'll fit in just fine in Sullivan.
by Sperm Donor 586932 July 12, 2009
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