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A room with lot of computers and various geeks.
X: "Hey lets go to Sule."
Y: "No, didn't you know that there's only idiots there?!"

X: "Do you know where Charlito is?"
Y: "Try Sule."
by Best i Ball February 03, 2010
Sule lives in the crib with his computer, as he's a geek.
He doesn't sleep because he's too busy sitting on Iron Man aka Aion.
He's also caring guy that has a Nigerian Sun tan ;]
C.M: Hey Sule wanna go on imvu?
Sule:No i'm on Aion.
C.M: Oh..
by Your Bitch xD August 15, 2010
Undoubtedly, equivocally a goddess.
Sulé embodies perfection in every aspect of life. She has a natural radiance and a scintillating personality.
by a-non-mouse September 06, 2011
Refers to a prostitute in Kannada. Same as petromax and dagar. Also spelt as soole.
Nan magane suLe sahavasa beda.
by nitboss March 10, 2005