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A word of Indian origin, which refers to a good/positive creation, to be beheld with awe by the common peasants. "Su" meaning good, and "kriti" meaning creation from the original Sanskrit; it is often used as a female name. Someone named Sukriti is most often creative, highly intelligent, and unusually insightful. She may possess supernatural powers as well as unnaturally developed cognitive skills.
Person 1: Holy crap, I just met a Sukriti today in class... She kind of freaked me out by how amazingly well she read me, and just seemed to KNOW stuff.

Person 2: Holy shit dude.
#positive #good #evil #sukrite #awe
by starrchildlemon September 30, 2011
Sukriti is basically the Indian word for secretion. This is especially the case when referring to goat milk because many goats in India constantly secrete milk.
Beti: Hello beta, how is it going?
Beta: It is going vell my friend. I am just collecting the sukriti milk from this sukriti goat.
Beti: Oh, you modar chode, give me some milk too.
Beta2: Only if you show me your beta particles!
#secretion #goat #india #beta #milk
by thejingoman October 12, 2009
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