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one of the biggest city of India situated at Gujarat. it used to known as mill city coz it had India's highest mills and factories at british times but now it is known as mall city since it has India's highest malls. it is great city with dirty and uncivlised people...I mean 10% of the people here have attitudes rest are just "mannerless". anyway don't miss to visit Ahmedabad if you ever come to India. let me tell you why ahmedabad rocks. coz it has IIMA(world's Number one business school),ATIRA,Science City,ISRO,Clubs,Asia's Highest Multiplexes,Gujarat University,Nirma university,Gurukul. Temples,Mosqueues,Churches,Lakes,River Front Projects,BRTS projects,SG Highway, CG Road, Lal Darwaja,5star and 7star hotels,International and domestic Airport, International Grounds for sport, Tennis courts,Rifle Club,International Schools, High court,Info city, India's biggest Railaway staion, it is hub of telicommunication companies in Gujarat having more than 20 lacks users....and let me tell you why Ahmedabad sucks because it is'll see lots of dirt all over roads and dirty smokes from vehicles plus they don't follow careful while driving or it will be your last place to be on earth and I also hate rickshaw drivers who thinks they are driving plane while they are lacking money to fill patrol in their rickshaws and strikes so that crude rates can get down... people from Ahmedabad are called "Amdavadi"......anyway....if I'll ever be commisoner or mayor of Ahmedabad...I'll make it like washington DC ROFL!!!
I dream of you that I've been waiting for you with car at Ahmedabad Airport.....and You've just arrived and I'm in tears of joy..hugging you so tightly and kissing you very deeply with all my heart......hope it will come true...oh yeah...I'm amdavadi...I'll make it true (small town dude with big city attitude)
by Shrid May 26, 2008
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