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An alcoholic drink that consists of one shot of Jack Daniels and one shot of Granadilla/ Passion fruit Cordial(Concentrate). Each in a seperate shot glass. Jack Daniels is drunk firsts and followed shortly by the Granadilla/ Passion Fruit Cordial.

The reason for it being called a suitcase is because it send you packing.
Barman i feel like forgetting how to walk, please give me 6 suitcase's. NOW BITCH!
by Werthie October 05, 2006
14 32
to hide things in your ass, usually used in jail
"wow who would of thought Dr Quin Medicine Woman could of suitcased 47 plastic army men, she is an inspiration to us all"
by michael lowe May 09, 2007
61 37
To pay for something all at once with cash, typically in a suitcase.
Fuck lay-away. Imma suitcase that TV, straight up.

I don't have no mortgage payments because when I bought that house, I suitcased it.
by jcmoney10 December 03, 2011
30 13
To place up one's ass.
I suitcased xtc last night, it was fuckin' weird.
by ajiggy October 23, 2003
68 57
A portmanteau word used to describe someone mad, eccentric, deranged or mentally irregular
Derived from the film title - Morgan: A suit(able) (nut/fruit/head)case for treatment.
Often used in a repidundant rhyming alliterative way
... mad, crazy, crackpot, crank, nutty, loony, loopy, wacko, bonkers, demented, dotty, gaga, headcase, nutcase, fruitcase, suitcase, screwball, etc, etc
by noddy330 July 09, 2009
37 29
To place an object into ones ass,and hold it there for a prolonged amount of time.
The man suitcased a condom full of cocaine to get through customs.
by unseenseensigns February 02, 2010
10 15
to cause a sudden collision involving suitcases, packages, shopping bags...etc.
Example 1:
My taxi driver suitcased me from behind when we stopped for a kid on a bike.

Example 2:
I got suitcased by the downstairs closet.
by myg0t5@m5t3r October 24, 2010
5 11
A 30-pack (or large amount similar in number) of cheap beer. Usually purchased in skinny/long/ "suitcase-shaped" cardboard boxes, having a built-in handle/grip.

Let's go get a suitcase of Natural Ice and pound some back.
by Kegstand August 24, 2006
33 39