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3 definitions by Werthie

It is a form of showing excitement at the fact that you won something against someone. Or your reaction to being shocked at something.
I got a fullhouse baby! WICKEEPOW!!!!
by Werthie October 05, 2006
This is a South African word. Combining the two words Braai and Pomp. Braai means to barbeque and pomp means to shag.
After the game I am going to have a nice brompie
by Werthie October 05, 2006
An alcoholic drink that consists of one shot of Jack Daniels and one shot of Granadilla/ Passion fruit Cordial(Concentrate). Each in a seperate shot glass. Jack Daniels is drunk firsts and followed shortly by the Granadilla/ Passion Fruit Cordial.

The reason for it being called a suitcase is because it send you packing.
Barman i feel like forgetting how to walk, please give me 6 suitcase's. NOW BITCH!
by Werthie October 05, 2006