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Long armed, water resistant haired, deep voiced, ecstacy using, car crashing, egyption bastard.
While my Suhaib was rolling he crashed his celica into a pyramid.
by Mike D. June 14, 2004
1. The feelings get while using Extasy. 2. The act of hitting someone with your passenger side mirror in church parking lots while going 40 miles per hour. 3. To Rape
I was so suhaibed thursday night at Club Energy, I suhaibed this eight year old on the way home.
by The Boone June 16, 2004
Droopy balls like that of an aged man that dangle like a pendulum.
That guys has got suhaib at such a young age.
by hellowboy October 04, 2009
he likes dick in his ass and injoy his teeth
and is so cute
and loves men
hey do you want suhaib up your ass?

your teeth look like suhaib
by ohh cool March 30, 2009
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