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someone who is considered straight up ghetto in a wanna-be style.

A suggie normally dresses preppy or in another style other than gangster, but consideres themselves a tyte gangster.
Suggie: Yo Biotch, I'm gonna fuck you up in da hood.
Response to Suggie: Not in those Limited Too clothes you aint.
by Macey December 14, 2003
Its the nickname given to Sugar Gliders.
This is a suggie

by Hey81889 September 25, 2008
a person sweet as sugar.& dont put up with shit from anyone.is unique and fly(good looking). someone who is goin 2 make something of themselves another word for ashley the 1 and only coop.
all these girls are tryin to be like suggie=]
by ASHLEY COOPER March 23, 2008