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A voting site that people are able to earn real prizes. Some big ones include a chance to audition for a show.
person 1: I heard that you won that from Sugarloot!
person 2: Yeah, I worked real hard!
by mely4444 May 24, 2009
A pointless and stupid site which created for online contests.

The community is plagued with jonas brother lovers, fakes, old pedophiles and people who can't even write in english. It used to have a lot more of users and there used to be a lot of drama (myspace-esque bogus kinda crap). Most of the girls want to be actresses, singers or photographers when they all clearly suck at it.

Basically, don't even waste your time in it.
Ex sugarloot user: Do you still use sugarloot?
Sugarloot user: yeah.
Ex sugarloot user: You suck.
by omglykeyeah September 26, 2009
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