1. verb. To intentionally slow one's pace during work to avoid productivity.

2. verb. To intentionally walk very slowly through an intersection so that cars will be forced to wait for you after the light has turned green.
1. Tyrone sugarfoots between the freezer and the fry station, even if it means the customers have to wait. He's getting paid by the hour, not by the french fry. He'll work hard when they promote him to executive vice-president, and not one day before that.

2. Lo'Quashia sugarfoots across the street, daring someone to honk their horn or yell at her. It makes her feel powerful to block traffic when the light turns green.
by Alan Keyes August 18, 2004
Top Definition
1. noun; term of endearment for a sweet, well-meaning, loyal, mild-mannered, somewhat slow boyfriend named for Woody Woodpecker's sometimes equine sidekick.
2. declarative; verbal command issued from pussy-equipped to pussy-whipped when the former wants something or something done from the latter.
1. "C'mon Sugarfoot, saw me in half with that thang!"
2. "Sugarfoot! Aren't you listening?!"
by Faye Valentine May 26, 2003
Usually a large gay black male that gets married to try and fool his coworkers into thinking he's straight. Works in a job with no authority and tells everybody he's a cop. He will also drive a large vehicle to fit them sugarboots in.
Yeah sugarfoot over there doesn't have me fooled with that girly voice.

Your right those boots are filled with sugar.
by dirtysanchez556 January 26, 2012
the polite alternative to the exclamation, "shit!" with no connection to actual feces.
kid: " I missed the school bus again."

kid's mom: " oh sugar foot just stay home and I'll write you a note."
by jethro22 November 11, 2011
as an expletive, a G-rated term for shit
Oh sugarfoot! I crashed my car into your house.
by charethcutestory January 03, 2010
From the term, 'best foot forward'. A person's best foot or favourite foot.

An athlete's best or preferred foot, either as a lead/front foot or a back foot that allows for optimal performance.
"Tomorrow's your first day of work. Sugar foot in there. You'll do well."

"That mid-fielder kicked with his left foot, and nearly put the ball past the goalie. That's not usually his sugar foot."

"I got a right sugar foot. I jump higher and run faster with it because it pushes harder than my left."
by genxjedi September 03, 2009
Bloody amazing and life changing thing that will hit you when you least expect it.
That, my friend, was SUGARFOOT!
by benjula67 July 14, 2011
an effeminate man

a man who displays woman-like qualities
ie: crys a lot, listens to Celine Dion, wears tight ass pants or pink, snaps fingers in a circle ect.
I was walking to the store when this sugarfoot asked for my number. I punched him in the face.
by christima August 27, 2007

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