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to make something sound better than it really is.
Jan sugar coated the fact that she was sleeping with Peter's best friend.
by TRUEMicah October 26, 2009
to accentuate or embellish the positive; selling the benefits; upselling
In order to sell a travel package to a certain impoverished third world nation, the sales agent found that she had to sugarcoat the scenario by emphasizing such aspects as the resort's amenities and the region's year-round tropical climate.
by Polo September 28, 2006
to address an issue by speaking in a way that appears pleasant and not offensive
Sometime you have to be upfront and not sugarcoat anything to people
by Gerard Irick February 08, 2010
a nice way of saying mean things....
ima kick your ass mayne - mean way

ima hurt you badly - sugarcoated way
by lilnacho March 25, 2007
Obscuring a known reality; a succinct aphorism usually only understood by poverty-level wage workers.
Over beers and classic rock,loudly:

"Your girl is a skank, don't sugarcoat it!"
by wage-a-licious May 15, 2006
A person who lies to you a betrayer a backstabber your friend that has been lying to you this whole time the one you need to get away from the old friend that was nice but turned sour the one who was hurt you when you realized they dont even care anymore.
she was sugar coating the whole time
she never ment it she is fake a sugar coat
by Alter Identity February 24, 2009
Acting soft, cry baby, mommies boys, un-MAN-ning like. This is only identifing males that are non-homo but act like it
Chuck stop acting like a sugarcoat and play ball.
by BIG LOU May 10, 2006
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