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A nice, round, juicy, sweet ass. A behind that everyone wants.
Fred: Hey, Sam! Did you see Darla's sugar butt?
Samuel: Sure did, Fred. It's off the hook!
by Red_Cheeks July 10, 2008
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The only girl in your life that sets your heart on fire everytime her lips touch yours.
This girls voice can make your heart beat faster and slower at the same time.
Once you have your sugarbutt with you, you will never want her to leave your side.
Nor will you ever leave hers!
Yes, Sugarbutt may not be the most romantic word out there, but it's something!
(guy one) Dude.. I was talking to my sugarbutt today.. She said she was gonna kick my ass.
(guy two) Isn't that a bad thing bro?
(guy one) No man, thats just her way of saying she TOTALLY digs me.
(guy two) -stares-
(guy one) hey man, don't be such a lork.
by Minusthemark July 05, 2009

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