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A once-respectable New England prep school that’s now filled with desperately political faculty all vying for the Board of Trustee’s attention (and headmastership). It's a school that loves picking and choosing its traditions, while co-ed visitation and smoking are now a no-no, new "traditions" such as the migraine-inducing Athlete of The Week are certainly on the rise. Its almost as predictable as this being disseminated throughout the Firstclass boards, only to be quickly removed and censored by a pressured technology department.
Students comprised of yokels, wealthy east/west coast brats, rich asians, and various token minorities in a heartwarming combination of diversity and money. Many of the more overprivileged assclowns will use their status as prospective wealthy alums to evade expulsion for cocaine use and shitting in trashcans, in exchange for advocating and intimidating donations out of the underclassmen.
Also characterized by an increasingly large proportion of 25 year old impoverished athletes from the ghettos of Harlem and Hartford, used to boost a football team which suffers from no fault of their own, but rather an incompetent and obnoxious athletic department full of blithering idiots.
While these new additions have definitely appeased the alumni into donating more money (that will surely vanish or certainly not go into the decrepit academic departments), it's also resulted in several under the table abortions for 14 yr old Californian girls. Tiger Pride!
Because several faculties members of various positions decided to embezzle funds, prom prices will be raised and class trips will be cut to offset these costs for Suffield Academy. Donate today, kids!
by martymcfly101 February 09, 2010
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A school in Suffield, CT where the kids have screwed up morals. A kid selling Zanex and alcohol gets expelled and the school writes a petition to try to bring him back, while accusing innocent people of snitching on the expelled. The school is filled with rich, ruthless liars, drug addicts, and alcoholics all trying to keep their supplier in school so they can continue fueling their addictions. Would a person have to overdose for the kid to have gotten caught? personally I'm glad someone told. Telling makes it safer for everyone.
You go to Suffield Academy? What's your addiction?

Bullying, alcohol, drugs, and money

damn dude you belong at Suffield can get all the good drugs there
by bullieswithnobrains February 19, 2014
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