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A pun on "sucks to be you." In this form, it refers to those unfortunate souls who attend Boston University. Often heard at hockey games.
BU student: We just lost to 5-0 to Boston College. Our season is over.

BC student: Sucks to BU.
by facts only April 06, 2006
A pun on sucks to be you; describes the unfortunate fate of those who attend Boston University.
Boston University student: "I attend a second-rate school with a hockey team that got blown out 5-0 by BC in the NCAA tournament."

Random bystander: "Sucks to BU."
by facts only April 21, 2006
a catch phrase that bc students use to make fun of bu hockey when they lost to them that one time. notice that all the other entries site a 5-0 loss, thus proving that it only happened one time. get over it.
bc student: sucks to bu
by dontworrya September 09, 2007
something BC students say because they lack the ability to make up original chants. see also: "safety school".
1st BC student: yo bro...we should like, chant or something.

2nd BC student: bro, i was too busy popping my collar to make up a legitimate chant. you gotta look good for the priests if you want a little something something, bro. priorities.

1st BC student: umm, alright..uh...Sucks to BU? shit, we have nothing else to say.
by fagerstrom December 08, 2010
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