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One who is a kiss ass at work
I hate working with Charlie, he is such a suck pump
by Scott November 19, 2003
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A synonym of the name of a local band known for always losing the popular vote at battle of the bands, but winning the judge, also known as scenesters vote, so much like the U.S. President, they are falsely given credit for being better than they are. particularly a band that gives way too much musical credit to shitty assed bands like devo, and think its great to be 30 years old and fully peaked mentally and ability wise in life by performing shitty music for shitty 20 year old scenesters.
scenester "man the sump pumps are playing tonight, I'm fucking stoked!"
scenesters unfortunate friend "you mean the suck pumps, yeah I would love to go pay cash to see the same group of 30 year old underemployed losers and alcoholics who go to every show"

by Nick Ne. September 06, 2007
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A male who is not cool and often deemed as "gay" or a "fag" by others, insinuating that this male loves to suck penis.
Julio's pissing me off right now. I'm gonna go punch that suckpump right in the face.
by M Night Thunder January 03, 2010
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