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Subutex is just pure Buprenorphine in white pill form. It comes in 2mg and 8mg doses that you put under your tongue to dissolve. It is used because it has a much stronger binding affinity for your opiate receptors in your brain than opiates like oxy and heroin and morphine. It attaches to these receptors but doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier so you don't get high. It just tricks your brain into having opiates so you don't go through opiate withdrawal, which is hell. It does not contain Naloxone. That is Suboxone which is orange and in pill and now strip form.
I decided to clean up my opiate habit so I went to a Subutex / Buprenorphine doctor. He tapered me down from Subutex / Buprenorphine and now I'm clean and have my life back.

I was dopesick so I took a Subutex / Buprenorphine.

Subutex / Buprenorphine saved my life.
by sarvdan October 22, 2012
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