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n. a young person usually seen at G-7 and the like protests wearing ratty jeans a carhart jacket and a bandana over his face engaged in acts of vandalism against perceived corporate targets such as Starbucks, McDonald's, WalMart, Exxon and the like. This particular brand of anarchist likely traveled to the protest in a tricked out Prius courtesy of Mommy and Daddy and is either on leave from, expelled from or cutting the hell out of college classes. Suburbanarchists travel in small groups and tend to associate with Trustafarians. Contrary to their perceived impoverished appearance Suburbanarchists dress that way because they want to. They've got plenty of money usually a magic card stitched inside their carhart jacket liner.
Damn, those Suburbanarchists chugged their lattes before heaving that brick through the picture window at Starbucks.
by Rastamick September 10, 2008
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