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A recreational drug combination used by suburban housewives. Instead of the traditional cocaine-heroin mix, this speedball is usually vicadin, valium or oxycodone with a latte chaser.
After a hard day of shopping at the mall, Diana settled down with Oprah and a Starbucks-Valium suburban speedball.
by gjn413 February 13, 2010
A strong high/low combination of a 2 serving or more energy drink (Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, etc.) and prescription painkiller or other strong downer (most commonly Vicodin or comparable). Produces a very strong "Trip" or "High" that can last several hours until an equally strong crash or "Low" as the caffiene
Dude, I was tripping balls on that Suburban Speedball all morning!
by Heretic Bassist November 09, 2009

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