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A female who lives in the suburbs who dresses provacatively.
Rich white girls who dress like hoochies.

Rich girls who dress like hoochies.

If your ass and titties are visible through your clothes and you live in a rich and or suburban area, you are a Suboochie.

A high class Hoochie.

A classy Hoochie.

A Suboochie did not grow up in the ghetto, she is from a well off family.
This suboochie had the tiniest shorts on today at hollister, suboochies ass was hanging all out of her shorts.

Went to Mac store today the sales girl was a total Suboochie.

She is so not juicy, she's a ratchet ass Suboochie.

Dude I was at rodeo drive today, mad Suboochies out today.

I love going to target to check out the suboochies.
by nerdbomb143 November 17, 2013

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