1. Brendan B.

2. super + uber
Brendan is SUBER! Way more suber then you.
by shomoko February 06, 2006
Top Definition
Suber, also known as süber, is a combination of "super" and "uber", the German word for "over" or "hyper".
"Dude! That cat's eating its own head! That's so suber!"
by Aupajo March 18, 2006
combination of super and über. one who is being above to the extreme.
A:"yo im süber bored. i dont know what to do"
B:"yo you got süber pwn3d!"
by theASIANsensation2 December 14, 2005
a word i came up with a very long time ago and told my friends the word then they passed it on i guess but it is the mix of super and uber
Why superman or uberman why not SUBERMAN!!!!
by MuneWulf April 30, 2008
A word that is currently sweeping the nation , 'Suber' is a compound of 'uber' and 'super'. It is predicted by scholars that by the end of 2009, 'suber' will be so widely used that it will hold the prestigious accolade of being the word of the year, chose by Merriam-Webster.
'Check that toy car out dude'
'Awww that's suber!'
by Thebes January 09, 2008
to be the blackest of the black and beat up on little white boys with glasses, and is a total asshole
A) stop beating up that white kid
B) Na get fucked im doing a suber
by Steakchips April 13, 2011
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