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the car of a true champion, the mitsubishi lancer evo's BIGGEST AND ONLY archenemy.
ignorant bitch: does the STi come standard wit a V8? and the evo too?

Subaru WRX STi driver and/or Mitsubishi Evo driver: they're both 4 cylinder....

ignorant bitch: HOLY SHIT NO WAY
by maddah faggah November 28, 2009
A hella beast car that is better than the piece of shit Mitsubishi Evo in all ways: looks (2007), speed (any year) and ralling (any year).
Hey dude did you see Travis Pastrana driving that Evo at the X-Games? Uhhh..no he couldnt have been because he is hella sick so he couldnt have been drving that piece of fucking shit Evo. He drives a Subaru WRX STi dumbass.
by Evosr4fags July 10, 2008
Better than the Evo in any way. Anyday.
Moron in Mistubishi Lancer Evolution: God damn that Subie looks good. Looks faster than what I have. *sadface*

Smart guy in the Subaru WRX STi: I pity a fool in an Evo.
by SevenStarz June 11, 2012