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'SUAREZ' means
(Verb). a. To viciously and proactively inhibit or halt the progress of a person, an establishment or a nation.

(b). To act in a way that is deliberate and intentional, though spontaneous, yet calculated to frustrate the advancement of an adversary.

(Noun). a. A state of being where all your efforts are visibly and overtly being frustrated and impeded.

(Adverb) Describing a frustrated state of mind where force is directed, deliberately and intentionally. e.g. The Uruguayan SUAREZedly prevented the ball from entering the post.
(Verb) The team's opportunity to score was SUAREZed by a member of the opposing team.

(noun)I am in a state of SUAREZ, please don't stress me further.

(Adverb)The Uruguayan SUAREZedly prevented the ball from crossing the line.
by Will O'Steel September 01, 2010
16 16
by far the greatest family name known to be
he must be a Suarez, just look at him hes so sexy and powerful
by pimpin998 August 29, 2008
227 104
To intentionally handball a would-be goal from the net.
Yo, did you guys see that striker suarez that ball away?
by John Smithertsonp July 06, 2010
81 39
(n) a "heroic" asshole who ended the dreams of an African continent with his hands in a world cup match

(v) to ruin someone's hopes and dreams by getting desperate after having a bad day
Yesterday after getting fired I Suarezed and got extra fines for shitting on my boss's desk
by AnonymousGhanaian July 02, 2010
77 56
(n) person as wise as he is witty, Suarez' have the gift of the silver tongue able to talk themselves out of a murder charge. Extremely dedicated to anything they do, Suarez' excel in taking the lead while waiting for no one. Highly skilled in coordinative activities like music and video games Suarez' enjoy relaxing with friends and family alike.
Player 1: "Did you just get 360 no-scoped?"
Player 2: "Sigh...yea he completely Suarezed me."
by TheFrizzleFry November 02, 2010
39 27
To be a cheating and unscrupulous person who finds delight in the misery and loss of others caused by his/her own hand; devious to have created a situation whereby a person or people deserving of a situation can in no way attain what they deserve; to be an unethical, undignified and unjust scum bag who gets away with things.
"stop being such a suarez."

"he is plays suarez"

"she's suarezing"

"what a SUAREZ!"

by fairgame July 03, 2010
53 49
That is "To viciously and proactively inhibit or halt the progress of a person, an establishment or a nation."

This word came about due to Luis Suarez's goal-line handball foul in the dying seconds of extra-time that saved Uruguay from concieving a goal which prevented Ghana from qualifying to the semi-finals of the 2010 World Cup.
The teacher shouldnt 'suarez' the bullies in thier academic persuits in class
by M.O.T.G July 09, 2010
29 29