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A slang used in Singapore, mentioned at the end of a sentence as a way of saying "I'd rather/might as well/whatever/fuck it", or, to indicate or express contentment with whatever outcome the situation provides.
For example: you've been studying for a test tomorrow, but you decide to give up and say "Fuck this. Smoke sua."
Another example: You can't decide on where to eat when you're out with some friends, and your friend says "McDonald's sua."

The word "sua" can also be used after a sentence ends, as a new word after a full stop(period).

For example: You just found out your class position after a test, "13th out of 15? Sua."

Understand now what sua means? No? Fuck off sua.
by SHFQ September 26, 2011
Stop Using Acronyms
user1:Lol, that was a rofl.
user2:SUA you moron
by WhiteWolf April 01, 2004
1. brother-in-law
2. friend
In papiamentu, that is the language they speak in Curaçao.

It's pronounced as Sue a(of star)
Guy 1:What up sua?
Guy 2:I'm great
by Postboy November 15, 2006
Is an acronym that stands for Shut Up and Smile
<User10312> Why don't you go away
<Dyno19384> SUAS :)
by Forest August 04, 2005