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a term used acting as a product that doesn't cure but effeciently dissolves speech impairments for a flexible period of hours. this product is not real but primarily used in a form of sarcasm or methods/techniques of minimum to severe bullying. a high dosage of this is said to lead to stutteritus and sometimes overdose.
Richard Stutterman- damn i wrote a long grocery list last night.

· stutter butter
· stutter alfredo
· macoroni and double double-c cheese
· sunny Deep breathe
· a gallon of depression
· 12 pack of Dr. Pauseineverysentence
· and a please dont leave me Baby Ruth
#stutteritus #stutter #stutter butter #depression #dr. pepper
by bulletface May 01, 2015
Refers to the glossy liquid left inside a stem when one smokes real good crack cocaine. Named as such because good product can make one lose control of their mouth.
Damn bro this shit is some of that stutter butter
#crack #coke #cocaine #hard #stem
by sumyunggai23 February 02, 2014
(noun)The fine lubricating spray that covers the lips of one who stutters, and their nearby companions.
He went in for a kiss but alas, slid right off, stutter butter causing her lips to resemble a slip and slide.
#spit #gop #goo #speech spray #common misspelling: studder budder
by Lady Lenore November 27, 2007
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