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A great move, mostly seen in football and basketball. The act of moving both feet sideways rapidly, confusing defenders as to where the player is actually going. In the NFL, superstars like Chad Johnson and Reggie Bush use this move often to avoid defenders. Look at any highlight reel, and you will see someone pull a one-over on someone using a stutter step. NBA stars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James use this move to either create some space between them and the defender to gain time to pull up for a jumper, or to put themselves in a position to drive for a lay-up.
Fan 1: Did you see Chad Johnson deke the shit out of Champ Bailey?
Fan 2: No, but I see Bailey walking over to pick up his jockstrap. How did Johnson get by?
Fan 1: Stutter Step. How else?
Fan 2: Oh, that explains Bailey's jockstrap getting deked right off him.
Fan 1: Fucking right.
by Tfolt October 02, 2007
(n) Stutterstep is a deviation from the "Glitch" subgenre in electronica. It combines elements of Glitch and "Dubstep". So, it could be considered a Sub-Sub-Genre of Electronica. It features repeated and heavily cut samples from the original drum and bass lines.
"Oy mate! Check out this stutterstep remix!"
"Sounds like glitch."
"Well, It's stutterstep."
by Gamble211 March 07, 2010
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