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The art of stoned (web) surfing. When sturfing you always end up with a search result nowhere near to that of which you intended. Re-tracing your sturfer steps to find out how the hell you found this site! Sturfing/Sturfer/Sturfed/Sturf/Sturfsearch
Dude I found this online while sturfing last night, it's funny stuff you gotta have a look. While looking up the weather forecast you find yourself sturfing a 'Cats who look like Hitler' site but you're not sure how you got there. That sturf then leads you to a name generator site and you're now known as ' MagentaBlade Blast Off Pigplanter Kid Playa O'Callaghan' but your friends just call you squeak for short.
by rocki peyote June 05, 2009
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