Top Definition
1. act of getting beyond shit-faced; like on a whole nother level of dunk.
2. from song "stupidfacedd" by wallpaper
Kristen: Did you see Keke at that party last night?
Sarah: Yeah, she got naked in the hot tub and ate a piece of cheese from the bottom of it.
Kristem: Yeah, that girl was stupidfacedd.
#stupidfaceded #white boy wasted #glue stick pasted #shitfaced #drunk
by guess i got mah swagga back November 17, 2011
state of mind directly before your about to pass out fall asleep or blackout when you've been drinking
that moment when your not worried about what others think your just there to party and get stupidfacedd... it explains itself
#whiteboy #wasted #gluestick #pasted #college #dorm #shit
by just4kicks36 August 16, 2011
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