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During your teenage years, you develop an "edgy" sense of humor that all the adults at your dad's get-togethers seem to lack while they interact in their suits and such.

As you develop this "edgy" sense of "humor" (see: Stupid Teenage Humor), you begin to notice how dumb your father's sense of humor is, and thus begin to cringe every time he tries to tell a joke at the dinner table, or worse, in front of your friends! Even if your dad manages to say something funny, you discard it as Stupid Father Humor. Because your father's old and that makes people stupid and unfunny but you know what? You're stupid. (Stupid Teenage Humor)
Dad: "Hey son, how's that garsh darn science project coming along?
Son: "It's OK dad."
Dad: "You werkin' hard or hardly werkin'? Huckhuckhuckhuck
Son: "...masturbating." snickersnick-"uh oh, I have to adjust my retainer"-snikersnikerI'msoedgy

Stupid Father Humor. Why do I have to use the word in the example? Is this tenth grade again?
by wb777 July 22, 2011