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Made popular by rugby players, the stuntman shot is the baddest ass shot you will ever take. You snort a line of salt, followed by a shot of tequilla. You then squeeze lime juice into the eye and take a punch to the face from an opposing teams (or a friend if youre not a rugger) player.
Dude, Larry was fucked up after a few stuntman shots!
by Larry from Oklahoma May 24, 2006
A drinking game originating in Hawai'i. One first snorts a line of salt, squirts a lime in their own eye, and finishes with a shot of tequila. It is painful, but not deadly and all sorts of fun
Last night at the bar, we did stuntman shots and got fucked up
by ayyyebaybay February 25, 2011
A type of alcohol shot originating from Minneapolis.

Step 1: Snort a line of Salt up your nose.
Step 2: Drink a shot of the worst possible tequila the bar has.
Step 3: Squirt a lemon in your eye, hence making you completely forget about the salt in your nose and terrible tequila taste.
I went to Minneapolis last week and I was introduced to the stuntman shot. It's hardcore.
by enexgee September 25, 2007
This is the REAL stuntman shot.
1: You drink the shot
2: You lick the salt
3: You snort the shot
4: Squirt the lime in your eye
5: Get slapped across the face.

Don't be a pussy. Just do it.
Don't be a retard. You snort the salt, you're a dumbass. Do the REAL stuntman shot
by NoDakBadAss August 08, 2011
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