n. That frosty cold beer to help you unwind and make studying oh so much more bearable.

Not limited to beer. Any tasty alcoholic beverage will do.
1. I was doing this assignment and boy was I craving a Study Beer!

2. I'd been doing this essay for four hours and I just couldn't cope. So i grabbed a Study Beer and got a second wind.

3. After hours of slogging away at study when you just need a cool refreshing beer (or other alcoholic beverage) to cope. One sip and you're reading to go. The power of Study Beer!
by Teddy the Jazz Man August 29, 2010
Top Definition
Beers that assist in any type of academic circumstances to enhance the learning process and make it tolerable. Whether writing an essay, studying for an exam or making it through chem class.
Mark: Yo can I have a beer?

Jake: Na man I need study beers to read three chapters of World Civ tonight
by forzaboston October 14, 2009
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