An extremely adorable guy, who doesn't realize how adorable he really is.

He is very compatible with a Love Muffin
Im a Love Muffin looking for my Stud Muffin

Mr and Mrs Muffin!!!!

Love Muffin
by LoveMuffin86 February 28, 2010
1. (n.) A smooth, often muscular gentleman who has a way with the ladies.

2. (n.) A word, normally connoted as a compliment, from the era of "Gosh Golly Gee" and "Gee Wilikers," that is used to describe one's sexual performance, appearance, or level of suaveness.
Cameron opened the hotel door during the school field trip, his shirt off and a raging boner under his pants, to find the vice-principal standing outside. He was scarred for life when she commented on what a stud muffin he was.
by C Dogg December 07, 2005
the pinnacle of manliness; often referred to as a sex object
Yo, check out that guy benching 400 lbs. What a stud muffin!
by FILONINATOR February 02, 2009
A guy who really should not be hot, but somehow defies the laws of looks and manages to be an absolute studmuffin.

STUDMUFFIN- sexy,cute,untouchable
That guy in the school band who you never noticed until he took his top off, then after that everything he does is amazing...especially if he wears a blazer ;) and all you can say is 'what a studmuffin.'
by Fireswan13 May 13, 2011
Someone EXTREMELY Hot. With an adorable pretty pretty face.
Nick Zayas is a studmuffin with his adorable face!
by Gladiator092493 April 30, 2009
attractive male, heterosexual, unmarried but with possibilities
Grandma has a new studmuffin. (one of Janet Evanovich's books)
by Roslyn Nankivell June 18, 2003
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