A white dude who has the "magic" to get any chick he wants.
"Dude, check out that dude. See all them girls around him? That dude's a pimp." "Nah, dude. That dude's white. He's a stud."
by footballstud580 April 03, 2004
a woman who can orgasm by the pleasure of giving an orgasm to a woman
the stud came just as her girlfriend came in her mouth
by stylistic August 25, 2007
The part of your wall that is the supports. They're spaced out about a foot.
by Masked Pillager May 07, 2003
a piece of specificaly shaped metal often attached to clothing to customize it.
Bobo's jacket looked different with studs on the shoulders
by koniff April 24, 2003
another name for "dyke". typically used in the black community for lesbians who are masculine and wear mens clothing.
she's a stud. i love her because she is a stud.
by domonini33 October 27, 2009

yeah. try and call yourselves STUD's now?
GUY: "yeah im such a stud.."
GiRL "oh reallly? stud huh.."
by bay-tah September 05, 2007
a meat head who is more then likely addicted to steroids and has had chlamydia 3 times. Fact: You can't spell STUD without STD.
chic: did you see that stud?
me: yeah watch out, he banged tom cruise last night and he got chlamydia for the 4th time.
by Supernovaheart October 07, 2009
You can't spell stud without STD

I saw it on a shirt.
Youre a stud.
by gherrrl August 20, 2008

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