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1. A gay drunken man who seeks to find young girls then have dress up as man and trys to rape them, only to have themself get fucked up like red headed step child. 2 A bitch ass faggot, who enjoys sucking there own penis, nuts sack and other body parts.3. A person who dreams to anal rape male goats, sheep,rams and bull to get there rocks off. 4. A sick excuse of man, who seek cause pain and sorrow to everyone that they meet.
Did you hear about that Sttimy that tried to rape a girl got shot today? oh my god my son is a sttimy, I walk in and saw him sucking his own cock and balls. Yesterday a boy class told he dreaming about haveing anal sex with a Bull, I laughed and call him a Sttimy.
by TwistedLady February 07, 2008
1.A homsexual moron with no heart or courage 2.A homosexual with a beastiality fetish with the Ovis aries species(Sheep) 3. a nasty or rude person
dont be such a sttimy!
by Xerxes-aka-Bryperson January 23, 2008

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