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Struettarded is the act of being so incredibly retarded, that there is no true way to describe the mental incapacities of ones thoughts. Common uses of this word include: That's Struettarded! and "Hey, it's the Struettard bus"

The legend of Struett originated in Santa Fe Springs, CA. A man by the name of Bill Struett lead an organization with many followers. The followers, though not real, admired this man for his incredible knowledge and leadership abilities. His followers knew this man would lead them to greatness. This man had many powers, one of which was Struettshit. Struettshit is much like the common word bullshit, only much, much more powerful. Some people could sell ice to eskimo's. Struett could sell eskimo's to ice. Kharma was no match for this man's powers. No consequences for his actions for all of eternity.

The people who would not follow this man were banished to the 9th level of Struetthell, where they worked their measly lives away in front of a computer screen, being reminded daily that Struett could do their job twice as effective in half the duration.

This legend has brought the suffix of Struett to help replace many commonly used words.
struettarded - replacing retarded
struetthless - replacing ruthless
struettegic - replacing strategic
And Nike's new slogan, Just Stru ett - replacing Just Do It.
by TheHeroOfSantaFeSprings August 03, 2010

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