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Meryl Streeps fantastic boobs. Streep + Boob = Stroob.
"Omg, did you see that dress Meryl was wearing the other day?"

"Why yes I did, it made her stroobs look fabulous!"
by Leocadia September 03, 2009
Meryl Streep's boobs. (Used mostly by Streepers.)
Don Gummer loves him some Stroobs.
by OurGoddesMeryl December 30, 2011
Pronunciation: 'strüb
Function: noun
Plural: stroobs

1. A stretch mark in women's clothing between the breasts.

2. A localized area of lateral corrugation in the textiles of a garment which is covering the mammary glands on a human female. Stroobs must be caused by innate qualities of the fabric and the female form rather than due to seams, pleats or other specific tailoring.
Check out the stroobs on that girl - her shirt is so tight!
by anonymous * October 06, 2008
A Runescape Player that thinks having high strength and no defense makes him invincible.
Z0mG!!!!111 that Stroob just got pwned by a lvl6 mage LOLZ!!!!!
by Ultima_yoshi February 09, 2006

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