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Something Being Awesome.
P1: "Hey Bro, Hows that beer?" P2: "Strongsauce"
P1: "Are You Coming To The Party Tonight?" P2: "Yes" P1: "Strongsauce"
by Mikeywhoopie July 03, 2011
(noun) Male Body Fluid
She Loves That Strongsauce.
I Left A Huge Load Of Strongsauce On Her Face Last Night.
by Mikeywhoopie July 14, 2011
Definition of strong sperm from a guy who wants to bang an internet chick.
BillyBrown has some strong sauce for methtoothchick.
by BootsSFN July 05, 2010
1. As a noun: A person, place or thing that is noted as having properties of strength (physical or inner) and/or particularly high virility. Sometimes actually referring to sauce.

2. As a verb: Any action performed to the full potential of the individual. The opposite of weak sauce.

3. As an interjection: Often said in a moment of pure amazement.
1. “Woman, I told you, I only want fuckin’ strong sauce at my fuckin’ table! Prepare for insertion of the punishment plug.”

2. Guy #1: “Man, that chick’s hot.”
Guy #2: “Yeah, I’d strong sauce on her tits.”
Guy #1: “I’d poop in her hair.”

3. Strong sauce! Those are some smelly balls.
by bigbeazy June 08, 2006
L33test Player On Battle.net... Easily
Teh Pwnage Thnx
n00b: why so l33t StrongSauce?
StrongSauce: I r ju57 7|-|47 1337
by L33t One November 16, 2004